Hi, I'm Régis

I'm a front end developer, interaction designer and expressive coder based in Helsinki

I'm a restless character with a wide variety of interests. When I was young I did oil painting, pastel and watercolour. I liked creating things and putting them out in the world.

Above all I am a humanist. That's why I entered the programming world from the back (or was it the side) door. Computer code allows me to express myself and create things. Things that can’t easily be created with a brush or Photoshop.

Generative art inspired by Finland
This is a series of digital prints based on Finnish landscapes. Due to their mechanical processes, traditional prints are always unique: if you look at two specimens made with the same plate under the microscope you are bound to find small differences between them. I wanted to reproduce this quality with a digital print; every time I press the button the program will generate an image which closely resembles all the others, but is not identical.

I also help others (generally known as designers) materialise their ideas. But more than that I’m moved by the belief that great things (like love) happen in intersections. Aesthetic progress has always flourished on top of technological developments and vice-versa, in a feedback loop where both go forward. This is true to the relationship between the oil painting and the Renaissance as much as digital computers and algorithmic art.

But both our technology and aesthetics have outgrown us; we can’t hope to be able to do great things alone anymore. We need to collaborate and create the environment from where new things can blossom. If Leonardo da Vinci were alive today he wouldn’t be a man, he would be a team.

Generative art inspired by circles
I like circles and playing with trigonometry. This is a very simple algorithm that just places a random arc somewhere around the center of an image and reads the color information from that pixel. With the right picture the result can be quite interesting

I have been working with web development and interaction design for over 15 years. With Índice—the company I co-founded in my hometown São Paulo—I have worked with large global brands as well as local startups. There, together with my team, we have pioneered (back in the mid-2000s) the use of on-site new media technology with experimental input types (such as computer vision, Kinect, and a variety of sensors) and display modes (such as totems, large screen interactive displays, projection mapping, touchless interfacess and sensor-based interaction). Not all of our interactions with a computer need to be mediated by the mouse-keyboard-screen paradigm.

I am interested in typography as a design discipline, but also as a web development area (I even wrote my masters theis about it). I also like geometry and trigonometry. I'm focusing on Javascript and modern UI libraries such as ReactJS and RESTful APIs. I have a lot of experience with WordPress.

Generative art inspired by circles
This little program takes two font files with different weights and merges them into one, interpolable type face. The possibilities are kind of limitless.

Apart from working in challenging or somehow interesting projects, I am mostly interested in working with social change and sustainability projects. As a person I'm concerned about the maintenance of humanity's great achievements and as a professional I want to do what I can to contribute to a bright future for all of us.

Did I mention I’m a humanist? Well, that picture couldn’t be complete without bringing up my absolute passion for music. Of all kinds, as long as they have something new to say. My favourite artists are J.S.Bach and Carcass. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I have some strong opinions and sometimes I write fictions.