Hi, I'm Régis

I'm a front end developer, interaction designer and expressive coder based in Helsinki

I have been working with web development and interaction design for over 15 years. With Índice—the company I co-founded in my hometown São Paulo—I have worked with large global brands as well as local startups.

I am a future-oriented person. When working in design and technology projects I like to anticipate and prepare for the challenges down the line by testing and prototyping early on. When thinking about my place in the world I like to follow trends in societal development.

Together with my team at Índice, we have pioneered in São Paulo (back in the mid-2000s) the use of on-site new media technology with experimental input types—such as computer vision, Kinect, and a variety of sensors—and display modes—such as totems, large screen interactive displays, projection mapping, touchless interfacess and sensor-based interaction. Not all of our interactions with a computer need to be mediated by the mouse-keyboard-screen paradigm.

I am interested in typography as a design discipline, but also as a web development area (I even wrote my masters theis about it). I also like geometry and trigonometry. I'm focusing on Javascript and modern UI libraries such as ReactJS and RESTful APIs. I have a lot of experience with WordPress.

Apart from working in challenging or somehow interesting projects, I am mostly interested in working with social change and sustainability projects. As a person I'm concerned about the maintenance of humanity's great achievements and as a professional I want to do what I can to contribute to a bright future for all of us.

I have some strong opinions. Music is very important to me. My all-time favourite artists are J.S.Bach and Carcass. Sometimes I write fictions.